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Water turbine

  • Vertical Francis turbine

    This type of water turbine is used in a wide drop range from dozens of meters to several hundred meters.

  • Horizontal axis Francis turbine

    We have been delivering a lot of this type of water turbines for many years in us and am suitable for small and medium size hydraulic power generation.

  • Pelton turbine

    It blows the bowl shaped blade using the water speed and rotates it.It is effective in places where there is a difference in height that Francis turbine can not respond.

  • Underwater turbine generator

    It is a water turbine that generates electricity by flowing water backward into a submersible pump with a water wheel and a generator integrated, and rotating the pump in the reverse direction.

  • Cross flow turbine

    It rotates using the speed of water, but because water flows through the impeller, it is called like this.