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代表取締役社長 山口 克昌

President and Representative DirectorKatsumasa Yamaguchi

“Let`s work for the improvement and betterment of society”

In 1955, at the age of 50 our founder “SHIRO ODA” has decided to develop small hydro power that would help revitalize rural areas to enhance the power shortage and food production.
With his founding spirit in our mind, we have been involved in hydro power site surveys and construction with our own legs and have contributed to the economic re-construction of many rural areas, mainly in and around HIROSHIMA region.
Over 70 years since then, our work contribution aims to “Lighting electricity with economic revival” and “Protecting the global environment with renewable energy”. Even though the purpose changes, the love of water and the spirit of our founder in contributing to the society remains unchanged in each and every EAML soul.
The “VISION 80” long-term management plan launched in fiscal 2018, aims to further enhance corporate value. “Product value”, “Asset value and Capital value”, “Sustainability value” as a pillar, “Employee satisfaction and happiness, better products and services for customers, growth with partner companies, furthermore the development of the region and society” as our goal, we will work hard to achieve it.
“We will continue to work for the improvement and betterment of society”
We, EAML are working together to build a rich and prosperous society. We look forward for your continued guidance and encouragement.

Company overview


EAML Engineering CO.,LTD.

President Katsumasa Yamaguchi
Established August 21, 1947
Capital 50 million yen
Number of Employees 115 (as of April 1, 2019, including contract employees)
Head office 10852-1 Hara, Hachihonmatsu-cho,
Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
739-0151. Japan
Phone: +81-82-429-2100 (mainline)
Fax: +81-82-429-0614
Email address: info@eaml.co.jp
Tokyo branch 3FMeiko Bldg,5-5-5 Osaki,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8616 Japan
Phone: +81-3-6303-95.45
Fax: +81-3-6303-9464
site area 26,344 m²
building 7,790 m²
The Chugoku Electric Power Co.,Inc.
Main customers Electric power companies
Agricultural cooperative associations
Enterprise bureaus of prefectural governments
Land improvement districts
Municipal governments
Heavy electrical equipment manufacturers
private companies
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EAML Company Limited founded with capital of 150,000 yen
Company name changed to EAML Engineering Company Limited
Head office relocated to Mainamitakeya-cho, Hirosima City
Capital  8 million yen
Hachihonmatsu plant completed
Head office relocated to Tanna-cho, Hiroshima City
Capital  32 million yen
assembly plant/hydraulic power test laboratories constructed
Head office relocated to Hachihonmatsu-cho,HigashihiroshimaCity
Finishing plant/electric test laboratories constructed


Automated warehouse constructed
50th anniversary of founding marked
Capital  50 million yen
Installation of solar power generation equipment(20 kw)
Submersible turbine generator license obtained
ISO 9001 certification acquired
ISO 14001 certificationacquired
Machinery production plant constructed
New main plant completed. Installation of solar power generation equipment(100 kw)
The 70th-anniversary year of the company’s founding

Corporate philosophy

1. With our commitment to water, we harness its unlimited energy to help protect the precious global environment and build a prosperous society.
2. We contribute to the development of local communities with our technologies to create electric energy by effectively utilizing small-scale water resources.

Guiding principles
We continuously make improvements and innovations for the benefit of our customers.

GoodwillWe ensure customersatisfaction with  wholehearted, market-oriented services .

Advancementwe make improvements and innovations based on inventiveness and multimedia technologies.

Commitmentwe ensure quality and cost effectiveness through commitment to our work.

HarmonyAll employees work in harmony and respect each other.

Factory introduction(Equipment introduction)


The first factory

It is mainly factory of water wheel, inlet valve assembly and inspection. We will also accept products, ship out and inspect the control panel.
In addition, we installed a 100 kW solar power generation facility on the roof of this factory and contribute to the generation of renewable energy.


The third factory

It is a factory mainly equipped with large machining centers such as 5-sided processing machine, multiple lathe, vertical lathe, machining center, 2-story large overhead crane. Also, assemble and inspect a large water turbine and inlet valve.


Hydraulic power test laboratory

In developing the performance of water, wheels and runners, Hydraulic power test laboratory is a dedicated facility to operate the same model turbine as the actual turbine and verify the validity of the design performance of the turbine.

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