Other waterpower apparatuses

  • Dam gate opening meter (ED type)

    Dam gate opening meter (ED type)

    Digitally encode the water level (absolute water level as well as vertical width) of dams, rivers, tanks, etc. and the degree of opening of the gate, valves, etc. in units of 1cm up to 50m and send it.

    • Due to the adoption of the digital method, it has higher accuracy and no reading error than the conventional analog method.
    • The BCD signal is output from the rotary encoder, so you can easily connect to computer control.
    • By adopting the absolute method (absolute water level and opening degree display), it shows the correct value after returning to power failure.
    • An analog signal can be output by incorporating a limit switch / potentiometer (option) in the transmitter body.
  • Mixed water power machine (MWR type)

    Mixed water power machine (MWR type)

    It is a relay for detecting it when it is mixed with a pressure oil collecting tank and a bearing.
    In addition, a stainless steel pipe is used for the protection pipe of the detection part.

    • Relay contact capacity no inductive load: AC125V 2A
    • Oil used Turbine oil:VG32 to VG83
    • Operating temperature, temperature range (relay section) -10℃ ~ + 50℃ (However, do not freeze or settle)
    • Withstand voltage test voltage AC2,000V - 1minute
    • Relay weight 2.0kg
  • ETH type automatic backwash strainer

    ETH type automatic backwash strainer

    It is used for cooling water and water supply of water turbine generator.

    • Since the filter has a disk shape, it is easy to change the mesh according to the application.
    • When foreign matter flows into the main body, it breaks the garbage by the shearing mechanism and discharges it, preventing clogging of the filter.
    • Automatic backwashing by differential pressure detection and simultaneous operation by timer are also possible.
    • Especially, where the large number of woods or fallen leaves flow in, it will show its effect.
  • Flow control valve

    Flow control valve

    It is used as a restriction of water supply volume adjustment. You can adjust the aperture without piping decomposition.
    It is an external adjustment type flow control valve that combines the advantages of the valve and the orifice.

    • Easy adjustment of aperture.
    • Easy maintenance.
    • It can be used for a long time because it is made of stainless steel.
    • Because it is thin design it can be installed in a narrow place.

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