Privacy Policy

1. Basic policy

Eaml engineering Co., Ltd. ("Company") understands that properly handling and managing information which could identify specific individuals (“Personal Information”) is socially expected and an important responsibility of the Company as it aims to engage in fair and good faith corporate activities, as well as being necessary in order for the Company to strictly comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Therefore, in an effort to strengthen the relationship of trust between the Company and society as a whole, and in an effort to fulfill its social obligations, the Company promulgates this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”), and will handle Personal Information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

(1) Acquisition of Personal Information

The Company will acquire Personal Information through valid and fair measures.

(2) Management of Personal Information

The Company will undertake to establish management systems for the protection of Personal Information as appropriate and necessary to protect against the risks of the leakage of, malicious access to, falsification of, or loss of Personal Information.

(3) Utilization of Personal Information

When acquiring Personal Information, the Company will clarify the intended purpose of the utilization of the information, and use the information only to the extent necessary for achieving this purpose and performing the Company’s business.

(4) Provision of Personal Information

The company will not disclose or provide Personal Information to any third parties except in the following cases:

  1. When the affected person has given prior consent to the disclosure of his/her Personal Information;
  2. When disclosure of such Personal Information is necessary to protect human life, safety, or property, but where it is difficult to obtain permission from the affected person for the use of such person’s Personal Information;
  3. When complying with laws and regulations;
  4. When entrusting the handling of Personal Information to a third party to the extent that it is necessary to achieve the purpose intended in the usage of such Personal Information. In such case, the Company shall exercise necessary and appropriate supervision over the entrustee to ensure the secure control of the entrusted Personal Information;
  5. When sharing Personal Information with the Company’s group companies, sales agents, or other companies, and where the joint use of said Personal Information is necessary to achieve the purpose intended in the usage of such Personal Information. In such case, the Company will assume responsibility for managing the Personal Information; and
  6. When another entity succeeds to the business of the Company due to a merger, corporate separation, transfer of business, or otherwise.

(5) Response to Requests Relating to Personal Information

The Company will respond promptly and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to requests relating to Personal Information, including requests for the disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, cessation of use, or purge of Personal Information.

(6) Implementation, Improvement and Revision of the Privacy Policy

In order to strictly comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related ordinances, guidelines set out by the government, and other relevant rules and regulations, and to implement the Private Policy, the Company will establish internal rules and regulations, etc., in addition to the Privacy Policy, and will ensure that all the Company’s employees and other persons concerned recognize the importance of such rules and regulations and comply with them, while continuously reviewing and improving the same.

(7) Contact Information for Other Inquiries Concerning Personal Information

Please contact the Company using the contact information detailed below for any questions concerning Personal Information:

Eaml engineering Co., Ltd.
※Business hours are from 8:30 to 17:20 on the Company’s business days

2.Personal Information Regarding the Company’s Websites Users

(1) Acquisition of Personal Information

If the Company requires Personal Information from a user at the time of the user’s utilization of the Company’s website, the Company will describe the reason for utilizing such Personal Information on each relevant page of its website. If a customer does not agree with the stated reason for the utilization, such customer should refrain from disclosing his or her Personal Information. In such a case, however, customers should be aware that services offered by this website might not be fully available.

(2) Utilization of Personal Information

Personal Information offered by a customer will be utilized by the Company within the scope of the stated purpose of the utilization with which the customer has agreed. If the Company wants to utilize its customers' Personal Information beyond this scope, the Company will give prior notice to affected customers of the purpose and scope of the proposed utilization, and by doing so will be deemed to have obtained the consent of such customers.

(3) Utilization of Cookie

The Company may use information derived from “cookies” (the system of recording information exchanged between the Company’s website and a customer's web browser) for the identification of the customer’s web browser and to allow users to be recognized by the pages they access, etc. Information derived from cookies will be utilized by the Company for the purposes of increasing the convenience to a customer when such customer accesses the website on a repeated basis and for upgrading the contents of the website. Any customer who wants to avoid being subject to the utilization of cookies can adjust the settings in his or her web browser to cease such utilization. If the receipt of cookies is disallowed, however, please be aware that the services offered by this website might not be fully available.

(4) Safety Measures Protecting Personal Information

The Company will make efforts to install technologies to assure the security of Personal Information disclosed by customers and to improve information security measures (including measures to prevent information leakage, falsification, loss, malicious access, etc.) as part of its procedures for safe information management following the disclosure of such information. In this manner, the Company will improve the quality of security in regard to the Personal Information of its customers.

(5) Observance of Laws, Ordinances and Other Rules

In regard to the Personal Information provided by each customer through this web site, the Company will comply with the relevant laws and ordinances, as well as other rules that are applicable in Japan. The Company will, as appropriate, modify its approach to the protection of Personal Information as changes to the relevant laws, ordinances, and social norms occur.

(6) Personal Information on Associated Sites

This web site is interlinked with a variety of other web sites related to the Company's cooperative servicing organizations, vendors, etc. (“Associated Sites”). However, the Company hereby declares that it is not responsible for the handling of Personal Information by other web sites managed by third parties, inclusive of the Associated Sites.