Inlet Valve

  • Eccentric rotary valve

    Eccentric rotary valve

    By excluding the valve stem, complicated operation mechanism is excluded, and it is economically excellent valve.
    It is possible to manufacture hydraulically operated type and electric operated type with valve corresponding to high drop.

    • Caliber:Φ600~Φ1,130mm
    • Adaptive water pressure:Over 200m
  • Biplane valve

    Biplane valve

    Compared with butterfly valve, loss head at full throttle valve is small, valve body sealability is excellent, and it is the most widely adopted valve in recent years.
    It is widely adopted valves ranging from 40 to 250m for middle fall.

    • Caliber:Φ600~Φ1,900mm
    • Adaptive water pressure:40〜250m
  • Needle valve

    Needle valve

    Because it is less erosion by cavitation, it is a valve suitable for high water pressure.
    It is mainly used as a bypass valve for artificial valves, and it is manufactured with a welded structure.

    • Caliber:Φ80~Φ300mm

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