Control equipment

  • Switchboard


    We manufacture various switchboards necessary for controlling the turbine generator.


    • Generator control panel
    • Protective relay board
    • Automatic control panel
    • Distant supervisory control panel
    • Automatic pressure adjustment board
    • Inner board
    • Integrated controller
    • Transmission line board etc.


    • Vertical self-supporting type
    • Vertical wall supported type
    • Bench type
    • Disk type
    • Wall hanging
    • Stand type
  • Gate automatic control device

    Gate automatic control device

    We create a control device that automatically controls the dam gate in civil engineering equipment.

    System application example

    • Automatic flood discharge gate control device
    • Water intake gate automatic control device
    • Reverse regulation pond discharge gate automatic control device
    • Dam Surface Intake Gate Automatic Control System
    • Dam discharge valve automatic control device

    In addition, we are producing control equipment for civil engineering equipment, so please consult us.

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