Water turbine attendant equipments

  • Oil pressure supply system

    Oil pressure supply system

    Send pressure oil to a hydraulically operated artificial valve servo motor, governor servo motor.

    • Pressure oil tank capacity:40L〜20,000L

    Main components

    • Pressure oil tank
    • Oil collecting tank
    • Pressure oil pump set
    • Unloader
    • Air supply cylinder / check valve
    • Safety valve for pressure oil tank
    • High pressure oil gauge and various measuring instruments
  • Pressure control machine

    Pressure control machine

    Only when the guide vane is closed suddenly, it is designed to release casing water pressure.

    • Applicable head:40〜300m
    • Flow rate:0.5~15m3/S

    Main equipment

    • Suppressor body
    • Pressure distribution valve
    • Dashpot
    • Return mechanism

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